About us


OPTICIANS - Vision experts

All graduates of the Superior Technician's Certificate in eyewear optics, each Opticien Platinum places your visual acuity at the center of his concerns and puts all his professional expertise and know-how at your service.

Listening attentively to your wishes allows it to offer you tailor-made equipment adapted to your needs and your lifestyle.

Its store, dedicated to vision and innovation, has a vision examination room and an assembly workshop, equipped with cutting-edge technical equipment, to identify your needs and offer you quality service and specific advice on the choices available to you.



VISION - Technology and innovation

In agreement with your ophthalmologist, your Opticien Platinum takes the time to check your vision with latest generation measuring devices, during an eye examination accompanied by a personalized interview to advise you with the greatest care.

Trained in optometry, he measures refractive errors in the eye to determine the best type of lenses to correct them. These very precise measures allow him to offer you ultra-personalized ophthalmic lenses, cut and assembled in his workshop, to optimize your visual acuity and your comfort.

In order to ensure you a perfect sight we work with the best glassmakers and are specialized in mid-distance and progressive lenses, requiring a high level of expertise and high-performance technical equipment.

Careful control is carried out at each stage of the production of your eyeglasses to guarantee you perfect equipment and high definition vision.

Our eye checks are in no way a substitute for a visit to your ophthalmologist for a medical examination of the eye.



COLLECTIONS - Quality and authenticity

If the choice of your corrective lenses is essential, so is the choice of your frame.

For this, we offer you a sharp selection of frames, optics and sunglasses, from the most creative and qualitative international collections.

Materials, design, colors, comfort, finishes and authenticity are all elements that hold our attention in order to offer you a unique assortment of exclusive and distinctive eyeglass frames and accessories for you and for the home.