Personalized lenses : the key to an optimized vision

Each ametrope, according to its correction and its visual needs, is a unique case. Their lenses must be forgotten and for that must be personalized.
Their choice linked to the relationship of trust between the client and the optician. Needs analysis, work style or sport practiced are among the elements that should be taken into account in order to optimize vision and comfort.

Our vision, always more solicit after by the many screens requires the right lenses to stay comfortable.
We have opted for excellence by selecting the most innovative brands in our constant search for better vision. Nikon, Essilor, Seiko and Optiswiss are our official suppliers. Each pair of eyeglasses is delivered with a certificate of authenticity that guarantees the origin of the manufacturer and the correction prescribed by the ophthalmologist.
Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are called ametropia. It can be corrected with single or progressive lenses if it is associated with presbyopia. Contact lenses can also correct all ametropia.

Depending on the level of refraction, asphericity and degree of personalization, the thinness and lightness of a lens can vary considerably. Only “made-to-measure” can provide maximum comfort.
The treatments offered are numerous: hardened, anti-reflective, hydrophobic, oleophobic, UV protection, photochromic, UV filter, light-blue filter, solid, degraded or shimmery shade ... The list is not exhaustive.



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