Seiko : high technology corrective lenses

This Japanese company, initially specialized in watchmaking, created the first quartz watch in the late 50’s. In 2005, it developed the Kinetic watch, without a battery. Its renowned chronometers take part in all major sporting events, including the Olympic Games.

In 1942, its precision expertise led it to the fabrication of ophthalmic lenses. Forerunner of digital surfacing, the special features of its products are appreciated for special cases. From made-to-measure lenses to specially enlarged clear fields of vision, Seiko is known to be one of the most innovative laboratories.


Seiko lenses - our opinion

AZ 1,67 Sensitive 2 RCC
This bi-aspherical single vision lens optimizes peripheral vision. The new Sensitive technology allows it to adapt to the light with a shade variation ranging from category 1 to 3. The RCC anti-reflective treatment reduces the glare phenomenon and allows high definition night vision.
1,6 Ixceed SRC

This lens, resulting from the latest technological innovations, incorporates the most frequently used viewing distances into its design to offer you aesthetic equipment with wide fields of vision without any compromise on your viewing comfort.


Indoor PC
A real indoor progressive lens, specially designed for activities between 30cm and 4.5m, it allows working up close while offering a comfortable depth of field. Ideal for a dynamic activity requiring immediate adaptation.
Brillance 1,74 SRC UV
Pure concentrate of technology, this progressive lens, at the ultimate level of individualization, adapts perfectly to your personal visual profile. Optimized near vision, adapted to all your digital media, extended intermediate vision, for optimal comfort of adaptation and high performance vision from afar thanks to nanometric surfacing precision.
High Curved SCC
If you want a curved progressive lens for your sporting activities, you have found your partner. It will give you confidence and image stability, performance for far vision and accessibility in all circumstances to your near vision.
This coating protects the eyes from 7 to 77 years old against high energy visible light (HEV) also called blue light, coming from screens and LEDs. It has a coating, reinforced hardened, anti shock HIP and ultra hydrophobic, integrated into the mass of the lens for increased efficiency.

The polarizer lens by Seiko, considerably reduced glare while being particularly fine.