Optiswiss : innovative corrective lenses

Optiswiss is the largest ophthalmological laboratory in Switzerland. Based in Bâle since 1937, where its research and production site is located, Optiswiss is today an international company that focuses on innovation and development.
The Swiss culture of quality and precision allows them to design the lenses of tomorrow with the assurance of a high quality.

Optiswiss lenses - our opinion

Completely individualized, the ONE S-FUSION single vision lens provides superior image quality in all directions of sight up to the peripheral areas thanks to its high definition technology.
Photochromic and polarizing, this unifocal lens offers maximum protection driving. It improves visual quality and concentration and decreases the reaction time when faced with an obstacle.
Nearis S-Fusion
This proximity lens, individualized in very high definition, meets the requirements of the presbyopic wearers who work on screens.
Nearis Biometrics

This Nearis proximity lens, from the Biometrics range, is obtained through precise analysis of the eyeball by measuring its biometric parameters. It allows you to maintain a natural and relaxed posture at the office thanks to the total visual well-being it provides.

BE 4TY+ S-Fusion
By combining three innovative technologies, the new progressive lens from the Optiswiss research laboratory is the ideal solution for people wearing eyeglasses.
Each lens, manufactured with a precision of one micron, has 40,000 coordinates and 320000 surface connections. It ensures the perfect balance between the visual comfort of private life and professional life.
BE 4TY+ Biometrics
Combined with the innovative, extremely precise S-Fusion manufacturing process, this new technology is based on the measurement of biometric parameters for ever more effective individualisation. The new Be 4TY+ Biometrics progressive lens thus offers better fluidity in progression and more freedom in lateral eye movements for more natural and comfortable vision.
Pro Sport
The first progressive lens specially developed for sports, it adapts perfectly to curved eyeglasses popular with athletes. The surfacing of these lenses uses the latest computing technologies to optimize panoramic vision.
Optiplas O+
This first treatment, without residual reflections, improves the contrasts for an unparalleled clarity of vision.

The anti-reflective treatment optimized to filter the blue light emitted by artificial light sources (screens, LEDs, ...). It can be combined with B-UV technology for even more performance and comfort.
Miroitages Flash
This treatment gives a superior protection to the lenses, especially recommended when exposed to strong or exceptional brightness.