Nikon : precision corrective lenses

This Japanese company, founded in 1917, has become an emblem of passion for images, owing its reputation to photographic cameras and lenses. Based on its experience with precision optics, Nikon began making corrective lenses in 1946.

Its legendary partnership with NASA for space equipment reinforced its expertise in the field of design and manufacture of optical precision lenses.
Nikon was the first manufacturer to offer ophthalmic lenses with the ultra-high index 1.74.



Nikon lenses - our opinion

Thanks to its four aspherization axes, Supersee brings distortion-free vision regardless of the direction of your gaze.
Double aspherical unifocal lens specially designed for myopics, it brings a more precise vision as well as finesse and lightness.

RelaxSee Neo 
The daily use of screens causes significant visual fatigue. Thanks to digital surfacing, the RelaxSee Neo relieves wearer accommodation for relaxed near vision.
Soltes Wide
Dedicated to intermediate   vision and near vision, this lens give maximum comfort to presbyopics for computer work.
Home & Office
A perfect lens for intermittent holders and indoor activities in the office and at home every day without constraints.
Presio Power infinite
This lens can instantly regain natural vision at all distances. Their aesthetic geometries with wide fields fits all eyewear.
Presio Master 2 Infinite
The main innovation of the Master 2 lies in the inclusion of binocular vision in the manufacture of each lens, which increases the useful vision zone by 1.8 times. Its design takes into account the new near vision corresponding to a modern and connected use.
Presio Ultimate Set
The latest from Nikon, this lens pushes the boundaries of individualization. Thanks to additional measures, the less comfortable areas will be positioned where they will bother you the least. There are more than 428 million possibilities of manufacturing the pair of lenses to offer you a panoramic vision.
Seecoat Next UV
Nikon's latest premium anti-reflective coating provides exceptional clarity, ease of maintenance and unprecedented durability.
SeeCoat+ UV Night drive boost
Do the headlights of the cars you pass at night blind you? Night Drive Boost high-end anti-reflective technology reduces glare at night and filters 100% of UV during the day.
PureBleu UV
Thanks to the injection of molecules into the organic material of the lens, harmful blue light and UV are filtered, without residual unsightly bluish reflections.