The new Blake Kuwahara collection is proof, if needed, of the immense talent of the American designer. the frames of the Grey Label collection, composed of 4 models in 3 colors, all available in eyeglasses or sunglasses, are the expression of the know-how of the brand and its designer.
It is in the structure of the human skeleton that he draws his inspiration this time :
"As an optometrist, anatomy and biology classes were a prerequisite in my studies. I've always been intrigued by skeletal structures. For this new collection, it is the bones that inspired me."
Like an exo-skeleton, the face and the branches of these frames are decorated with bone moldings, created from old techniques of molding used in jewelery. Real work of goldsmith, the new collection of Blake Kuwahara carries, once again, eyewear at its highest level.
Come now to discover these incredible frames in the Opticien Platinum stores.
Blake Kuwahara portrait
Blake Kuwahara Grey Label collection 1000
Blake Kuwahara Grey Label 1003
Blake Kuwahara Grey Label collection 1000 - 2
Blake Kuwahara Grey Label 1000 detail
Grey label collection Blake Kuwahara detail
Blake Kuwahara Grey Label 1000 - detail