l.a.Eyeworks : Shirley Kurata collection

First sunglasses collection in a decade for the iconic California brand, this l.a.Eyeworks limited edition, spring-summer 2022, was designed by the stars's stylist of Los Angeles, Shirley Kurata.

The outspoken and irreverent style of the l.a.Eyeworks frames perfectly match with the eclectic sensibilities of fashion. The face of this capsule collection, under the lens of Josef Jasso photographer, Shirley Kurata brings her exuberant touch to these unic frames.

An affectionate nod to the brand archetypes, these exclusive sunglasses merge assertive silhouettes, compelling colors and radiant patterns.

Shirley Kurata - l.a.Eyeworks 2022
l.a.Eyeworks SS2 Kurata 1
l.a.Eyeworks SS2 Kurata 2
l.a.Eyeworks SS2 Kurata 3
l.a.Eyeworks SS2 Kurata 4
l.a.Eyeworks SS2 Kurata 5
l.a.Eyeworks SS2 Kurata 6