Blake Kuwahara Personal limited edition

The famous eyewear designer Blake Kuwahara presented a limited edition, Blake Kuwahara Personal, in Milan at the Mido. Only 100 pieces of this edition will be available in the world and of course exclusively in the opticians shops Rien Ne Va Plus for France.
With this collection, I wanted to make a very personal statement. I wanted to integrate the philosophy of Japanese "wabi sabi" design where irregularities enhance and create object beauty, but in a refined way.
All the frames of this edition are textured and hand rubbed with pigments to highlight the shades of the surfaces. These subtle details require a lot of time, but for me, are very important.
Blake Kuwahara
Come and discover, now, this fabulous edition, limited to 10 copies in France, exclusively in the Opticien Platinum stores.


Blake Kuwahara édition limitée