Photo exhibition in Agen

The exhibition "Les Belles images" in Agen brings together over a hundred works of Frac Aquitaine collection. Photographs are presented as well as photo montages, paintings, etchings, serigraphs, as many works whose creation process is related to the photographic visual culture.

Parts of Louis Ducos du Hauron, the inventor of color photography from Agen, open the pioneers and the experimental sections. The self-image and reproducibility sections address the sociological significance as well as all technical and media derived from the usual photography. The opportunity to recall that in art, a support can be dominant but not exclusive.
Les Belles images reveal, by the practices implemented and its implications, the tenuous links between photography and contemporary art.
Until october 31st 2015 at Jacobins church in Agen
les Belles images à Agen 2015