"Sans les mains" in Limoges

The Fondation Bernardeau brings a new dimension to porcelain through a serie of artwork crafted by the use of new technology.
British Artist Michael Eden, considered to be one of the best in his field, has been appointed by the president of the foundation to gather a group of international artists based on their know-how and the quality of their work.
The result is stunning ! New techniques such as 3D printing gave the artists an opportunity to create artwork that was impossible to make 10 years ago.
By bringing together outstanding artwork from thirteen of the world's leading ceramic artists, the exhibition "Sans les mains" undertakes an innovative approach and writes a new chapter in the 25.000 year old history of ceramic.
Sans les mains – Fondation Bernardeau in Limoges until the 30th March 2019


Michael Eden Limoges Fondation Bernardeau
Bernardeau - Dylan Beck
Fondation Bernardeau Limoges
Limoges Toshiya Masuda Bernardeau