Exhibition Vivian Maier in Grenoble

Street photographer

Vivian Maier is now considered one of the greatest street photographer of the 20th century. The lifelong baby-minder from New York to Chicago spent her spare time photographing American life.

Unknown during her lifetime, she left behind more than 120,000 negatives found by John Maloof during an auction. Since then, he has worked to publicize the photographs of Vivian Maier.

She knew, like no other, to take a humanist look at her contemporaries. The Museum of the Ancien Evêché in Grenoble exhibits 140 of her works.

Vivian Maier, Street photographer, Museum of the Ancien Evêché, 2 rue Très-cloîtres 38000 Grenoble
from November 9th, 2019 to March 15th, 2020.

Vivian Maier exposition Grenoble
Vivian Maier street photographer Grenoble
Vivian Maier autoportrait Grenoble
Vivian Maier Grenoble exposition