Watt's Up à Limoges

Porcelain, material of choice for Bernardaud Limoges, is at the center of an exhibition that explores the subtle play of light and its shadow. Its physical properties are ideal for capturing light and returning it a hundredfold, ethereal and soothing. 
The 16 international artist/designers, selected by Bernardaud foundation, show thirty backlit ceramic installations, immersed in a poetic chiaroscuro to show with subtlety the finess of the pieces.
It is also the opportunity to discover the original work of the workshop Secret Passage, in the form of two panels of three meters high, composed of 2,400 square modules of woven porcelain, which through a light show disclosed by transparency an amazing pixelated dahlia flower heart.
Between emotions and sensory discovery, Watt's Up exibition evokes all the fields of innovation and knowledge explored by the porcelain’s artisans.


Bernardaud - Limoges
Watt's Up Limoges
Watt's up à Limoges
Watt's up Limoges