Custom-made soft contact lens

Discover the exceptional innovations of Mark'ennovy contact lenses and transform your visual experience!

In 2011, the Mark'ennovy laboratory launched the world's first custom-made monthly soft silicone hydrogel lens. Since then, Mark’ennovy has offered a diverse range of materials, parameters and innovative designs that meet the needs of many contact lens wearers.

Much more than simple optical devices, this new generation of contact lenses is designed to improve your quality of life and take care of your eyes.

The ultimate protection for your eyes

  • BLU:GEN is a custom-made silicone hydrogel lens with high water content and low dehydration. It combines a class 1 UV filter with over 99% blocking of harmful blue light. This perfect combination guarantees an optimal balance between comfort, vision and eye health. If you are a screen user, Blu:gen is your ally for healthy eyes.

The solution to control myopia

  • MYLO is a custom-made soft silicone hydrogel lens, developed in partnership with the Brien Holden Institute, specifically designed for myopia control. Thanks to patented technology, it slows the progression of myopia. With a wide range of parameters and a low modulus of elasticity, it allows young wearers to adapt more quickly and easily.

Your passport to clear vision at all distances

  • EDOF is the ideal monthly contact lens for people with presbyopia. It incorporates the Brien Holden Vision Institute's patented Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) technology, providing clear vision at all distances. Quick adaptation and comfortable wearing are guaranteed thanks to its low modulus of elasticity.

To take care of your eyes and enjoy high definition vision, come and discover the latest innovations in Mark'ennovy contact lenses in our Opticien Platinum stores.


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