Eye health: ocular symptoms

Your vision is invaluable—preserve it! Regular check-ups with a specialist are essential: annually for those under 16 years of age, every five years up to 42 years, and every three years thereafter.

However, be aware of signals that may indicate a potential deterioration of your visual health.

If you experience the following symptoms, immediately call your ophthalmologist and insist on an urgent appointment:

  • Persistent distorted vision,
  • Double vision (diplopia), especially with vertical misalignment,
  • Sudden visual blur,
  • Sporadic or continuous vision loss,
  • Loss of a part of the visual field,
  • Bright flashes,
  • Sudden light sensitivity,
  • Changes in color perception.

If you notice the following symptoms, bring forward your appointment with the ophthalmologist and mention them during your examination:

  • Intermittent double vision,
  • Blurred vision,
  • Shadows, "floaters" or spots moving in your visual field.

Finally, the symptoms below should be reported to your general practitioner who can prescribe appropriate treatment or refer you to a specialist:

  • Painful, irritated eyes,
  • Swollen eyelids,
  • Red eyes.

In the case of yellowing of the sclera (the white of the eye), a medical consultation with your primary care physician should be sought without delay.

Medical management upon the appearance of these symptoms is crucial. The earlier the diagnosis and treatment, the more your eye health and vision quality are preserved, preventing potential complications. In case of doubt, your Opticien Platinum will guide you to the appropriate health professional.




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