Retina pathologies and filter lenses

The retina is a neurosensory tissue that lines the fundus of the eye. Like the sensor of your camera, it captures and transforms light rays into a nervous signal transmitted to the brain.

Some systemic pathologies such as diabetes or high blood pressure, eye conditions such as glaucoma or simply the aging of the eye can cause damage to the retina. Loss of visual field and/or decreased visual acuity may be symptomatic of this.

If the damage to the retina is sadely irreversible, the vision can be slightly improved and facilitated by the use of tinted lenses that filter certain colours. These filters have indeed the effect of increasing the contrasts and make the objects appear sharper.

Depending on your pathology, your sensitivity to light and colours, your optician will give you the right information to choose the tint and grade of the filter adapted to your needs, from yellow to brown and red to orange.

We remind you, however, that a regular fundus examination by your ophthalmologist is the only way to detect these conditions.

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