Annual maintenance of your frame

Time inevitably leaves its mark on your frames: greenish nose pads, dull and discolored acetate. However, through regular maintenance at your Opticien Platinum, you can restore their initial appearance, achieving a radiant look.

Explore our in-store solutions:

  • Worn-out or broken nose pads? Opt for a change with our premium material selection: polycarbonate, silicone, titanium. Together, we'll find the perfect shape for a tailored fit that complements your unique morphology.
  • Has your frame lost its shine? The skin's natural acidity, sweat, and wear can alter acetate, leading to unwanted bleaching. We offer to polish your frame, restoring their original brilliance.
  • Periodic deep cleaning is essential. Thanks to our ultrasonic baths, even the most hard-to-reach corners of your frame will regain their luster.
  • For a perfect fit, we'll adjust your eyeglasses during your visit, ensuring optimal vision and everyday comfort.

All these services are graciously provided in-store, as part of our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction. Pay us a visit and explore our quality maintenance service, giving a new life to your favorite eyewear.




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