Ahlem eyewear / Palais Galliera Paris

The Ahlem eyewear collection collaborates with the prestigious Palais Galliera, the historical fashion museum in Paris, to create a minimalist frame with sculptural curves: the Galliera. "Every time I visit the Galliera Palace, I go back with excitement and inspiration", says its founder Ahlem Manai-Platt.

Following her visit to the Vogue Paris 1920 – 2020 exhibition, she designed the Galliera frame, like a tribute to the dimensions and nobility of the Palais, synthesizing centuries of fashion history and heritage into one gaze.

With its exclusive 5 barrels electroplated 22k gold hinges, the Galliera Ahlem frame is both casual and sophisticated, low-key and high-impact. To be discovered at your Opticien Platinum in Agen, Bandol, Besancon, Grenoble and Limoges.


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Lunettes Ahlem Galliera
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