Kirk & Kirk Eyewear Collection

Fueled by their family heritage and a passionate desire to bring excitement to the world of eyewear, Jason and Karen gave birth to Kirk & Kirk, a bold eyewear collection that innovates with every creation.

At the core of their approach lies a unique acrylic, a product of their ingenuity, which unlocks an unparalleled color palette. The original hues offer boundless design possibilities, allowing each frame to stand out with its incomparable brilliance.

Handcrafted by Karen herself, she draws inspiration from the endless sculptural possibilities offered by this exceptional material, taking cues from both jewelry and the retro charm of mid-century glass.

The result? A collection of eyewear that exudes daring and individuality, where the innovative use of colors lends captivating allure to each model. Kirk & Kirk redefines eyewear norms, elevating colors to an art form and celebrating the craft of handmade creation.

Discover the exclusive frames of the Kirk & Kirk Eyewear Collection at your Opticien Platinum in Agen, Bandol, Besancon, Grenoble, and Limoges.

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lunette kirk&kirk bert
lunette kirk&kirk stanley
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Lunettes verte kirk&kirk
Lunettes jaune kirk&kirk percy
Lunettes violette kirk&kirk miriam