Dita eyewear: fall winter collection

The founders of the brand, Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, set themselves the goal, from the creation of the Dita collection in 1996, of giving back meaning to the word luxury. Each frame is handmade in Japan, combining innovative techniques and traditional know-how.

Nobility in materials and intransigence in manufacturing, Dita remains faithful to its DNA by presenting new frames with new shapes and colors for its fall winter 2022 collection.

Bold reinterpretations of iconic frames from the 50s to the 80s, the Californian brand once again demonstrates all its know-how to create timeless eyewear with a strong identity and perfect finishes.

Discover these exclusive frames from the Dita collection at your Opticien Platinum in Agen, Bandol, Besancon, Grenoble and Limoges.

Lunettes Dita 2022
Lunettes Dita Adabrah
Lunettes Dita Embra
lunettes Dita Grand Apx
Lunettes Dita Adabrah femme
Lunettes Dita Embra
Lunettes Dita Grand Apx