Lunettes Kuboraum Q-Serie

The new Q series Kuboraum eyewear illustrate all the talent of its creator Livio Graziottin to surprise by creating frames with an amazing design.

Handmade in Italy, in high quality Mazzucchelli acetate, the Q-Serie Maske from the new Kuboraum eyewear collection emphasis the delicately sculpted temples, recalling the shapes of the french curves originally used to draw Euler Spirals.

By crossing the top of the frame, the temples create a break in the design and instill a new dynamic for a unique identity style. A subtle blend of audacity and innovation, this new Q-Serie will delight the most keen on character eyewear.

Come and discover these incredible Kuboraum eyeglasses at your Opticien Platinum in Agen, Bandol, Besancon, Grenoble and Limoges.
Kuboraum P-Serie
Lunettes Kuboraum Q1
Lunettes Kuboraum Q2
Lunettes soleil Kuboraum Q3
Lunettes Kuboraum Q1 homme
Lunettes Kuboraum Q2 Homme
Kuboraum lunettes Q3 Homme