Hedou Opticiens reinvents itself!


Passionate and dedicated opticians, Lionel and Rachel have redesigned the layout and decor of their store, Hedou Opticiens in Besancon, to create a new space entirely dedicated to vision.

Their commitment is reflected in a high standard of service quality and customer satisfaction, with particular attention given to visual performance. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, they ensure quality eye examinations and provide comprehensive care for your visual needs, in a warm and minimalist atmosphere.

As Seiko lens specialists, they combine technical expertise with a sensitivity to design, offering you the most suitable eyewear for your correction and style from their exclusive selection of high-end frames.

Come and discover the dynamism and professionalism of these two vision experts at their new store located at 7 rue Moncey in Besancon.




Hedou Opticiens Besancon
Hedou opticiens design eyewear Besancon
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