Ma Poesie accessories

Since 2010, the young Parisian designer, Elsa Poux, has been asserting her taste for graphics and bold colors through her handmade accessory creations. Her scarves, bags, and hats are true works of art!

Ma Poesie accessories blend modern patterns with ancient craftsmanship. On a base of natural origin fabrics such as cotton, silk, or wool, artisans apply colors one by one using the wooden frame technique, in order to reconstruct the final pattern. This highly precise manual work, akin to silkscreen printing, requires a lot of patience but yields an unrivaled result.

Come discover the graphic, colorful, and distinctive Ma Poesie accessories at Opticien Platinum shops in Grenoble and Limoges.



Elsa Poux ma poesie accessories
ma poesie scarve divine blue
ma poesie bob nino
scarve ma poesie
bob ma poesie nino green
bag ma poesie blue
cap ma poesie rosewood