Contact lenses and swimming

Swimming with contact lenses makes your eyes more vulnerable and poses significant risks to your eye health. It is strongly recommended to remove your contact lenses before swimming or even taking a shower.

In addition to the risk of loss, hardening and deformation, pathogens and parasites present in the water can come to lodge between your contact lens and your cornea. Acanthamoeba amoebae causing chronic keratitis can lead to serious ophthalmic complications.

If you have no choice but to swim with your contact lenses, opt for daily disposable lenses with sealed swimming goggles to protect your eyes and dispose of your lenses after your swim.

There are also swimming goggles with corrective lenses that can be adapted to nearsighted and farsighted people. Shock resistant thanks to polycarbonate and offering clear and undistorted vision both on and under water, they will be your health ally during your aquatic sessions.

We remind you that in case of blurred vision with foreign body sensation, red and irritated eyes, tearing and sensitivity to light after wearing your lenses in water, it is advisable to contact a health professional immediately.

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