Which lens treatments to choose?

There are many treatments for corrective lenses, all corresponding to very specific needs. However, it is sometimes difficult to navigate as the techniques and the possibilities of combinations evolve. You will find below the different treatments that your optician can offer you.

Thinner and lighter lenses

Certainly one of the best known, the thinning treatment is used for its aesthetic aspect, since it can reduce the thickness of the lens by 40%. The thinner the lens, the less the eye will be distorted.

More transparent lenses

The anti-reflective treatment eliminates parasitic reflections and improves the perception of contrasts and the quality of your vision thanks to one or more ultra-thin layers of silver halides deposited on the lens. Treatment for visual comfort, but also aesthetics, it gives more transparency to lenses and allows you to be seen.

More resistant lenses

The anti-scratch treatment consists of the application of a hardening varnish which increases the resistance of the lenses to scratches and guarantees constant visual quality. Lenses protected in this way have a longer lifespan.

Lenses that are easier to clean

The anti-soiling or hydrophobic treatment limits the adhesion of dirt by making the lens surface perfectly smooth. These water-repellent properties allow water to slide over the surface without greasy marks. No more fingerprints on your lenses.

Lenses adapted to digital tools

Anti-blue light treatment has become an essential tool to protect against the harmful effects of light rays from LED screens. Always associated with an anti-reflection treatment, it reduces visual fatigue and improves sleep.

Lenses more protective

Polarizing treatment is an optical process that blocks dazzling reflections that have no visual utility. Perfect for people who perceive contrasts poorly or who have eyes weakened by age or surgery. Polarization, a real anti-reverberation barrier, reduces fatigue and improves visual acuity.

What will yours be? What combination of treatments will you choose for custom-made personalized lenses? Do not hesitate to make an appointment with your optician in store to select together the type of treatment best suited to your needs and your lifestyle.

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