Indoor Lenses

Progressive lenses are nowadays the most widely used lenses by people over 45. These multifunction lenses that allow presbyopes to see clearly at every distance is perfectly suited for most of the daily activities

Nevertheless, some tasks mainly require a sharp vision within a radius of 2m. For instance, due to the increase in number of screens, an office worker mainly use intermediate and near vision.

The use of various media induces several fields of vision. It requires the eyes to quickly shift from a certain distance or direction to another. When lenses are not suited for these situations, bad habits in posture can occur and cause eyestrain and chronic pain.

The indoor lenses, also called intermediate-distance lenses, allow a sharp vision between 25cm and 4m with enlarged visual fields. They allow rapid focus from one distance to the other in one eye movement and thus bring comfort and well being. They are an ideal addition to everyday life progressive lenses.

verres mi-distance
fatique visuelle
verres d'intérieur
champ visuel élargi