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Why have your eyesight tested?

Eyesight is a precious asset that requires regular monitoring to maintain optimal vision. It can change at any time, regardless of age. Having your sight checked by a qualified health professional can detect and correct the smallest change.

When should you do an eye exam?

Opticien Platinum offer you to check your eyesight and adapt your prescription, within the law, before choosing your new eyeglasses. This is valid for people over 16 with a prescription :

  • under 5 year old if you are between 16 and 42 years old
  • and under 3 years old if you are over 42 years old

Thanks to his scientific skills, your optometrist optician is authorized to check your correction during a refraction examination in a space equipped with the latest generation equipment dedicated to vision.

This examination does not constitute a medical act but allows you to follow the evolution of your sight between two consultations with your ophthalmologist and to obtain new equipment with an up-to-date ultra-personalized correction.

How is the exam going ?
  • During a preliminary interview, the optician asks you questions about your visual discomfort, your general health and your lifestyle in order to gather valuable information about your vision.
  • Using various tests, he checks your visual acuity and your correction using his high-tech optical measuring instruments. He assits and asks you about your perception to determine the evolution of your sight.
  • He is then able to make a personalized recommendation and can adapt your doctor's prescription to offer you tailor-made corrective lenses. He then checks your visual comfort by testing your new correction.


Make an appointment with an Opticien Platinum

Essential to the health of your eyes, this follow-up offers you the guarantee of prolonged visual comfort. Making an appointment with an Opticien Platinum assures you of individual support during a quality service, to benefit from expert advices and maintain a correction perfectly adapted to your needs.

Your Opticien Platinum and your ophthalmologist are essential partners in your visual health. The eyesight examination at your optician does not in any way replace a medical check-up of your vision and your ocular health during an appointment with your ophthalmologist.


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