Progressive lenses: good habits

Progressive lenses are real concentrates of technology. Adjusted to lifestyle and morphology, they provide great comfort of vision by offering different fields of correction. However, it takes some time getting used to until our eyes, body movements and brain coordinate perfectly with the different areas of vision.

The expertise of the optician is essential in your adaptation to ensure the correct measurement and the correct centering of the lenses. The adaptation time to progressive lenses changes from person to person, ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. Here are some tips to facilitate this transition between your old lenses and your new progressive lenses:

  • Wear your new eyeglasses immediately continuously and do not put your old eyeglasses back on. Alternating between old and new eyeglasses can slow down the brain's adaptation process.

  • Place the objects you are observing in front of you or turn your head in their direction to avoid blurred areas on the periphery of the lenses.

  • To look into the distance, look straight ahead through the top of the lenses.

  • To go down the stairs, lower your head without lowering your eyes, to place your gaze in the same area as when looking into the distance.

  • To work on a computer, the top of the screen should not be higher than your eyes. Lower your eyes slightly to use the central part of the lenses.

  • To look at an object less than 50 cm away or read a book, keep your head still and lower your eyes to the lower part of the lenses.

  • Practice looking at objects at different distances to make it easier to learn distinct body and eye movements. For example, you can look at your mobile phone and then observe the room with your gaze.

Your ophthalmologist has just confirmed your recent presbyopia. Do not be afraid ! The latest generations of lenses considerably reduce the adaptation time. Make an appointment with your Opticien Platinum for a complete interview in order to find together the personalized progressive lenses best suited to your lifestyle.


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