Sports corrective sunglasses

You wouldn't wear hiking boots to play golf, would you? So why not provide the same level of specificity to your eyewear?

Discover the revolution of Free-Form technology! Curved lenses without side distortions, perfectly tailored to your morphology and frame. Experience optimal visual acuity even in full motion.

Your Opticien Platinum can assist you in choosing from a wide range of lens tints to enhance contrast perception in your favorite sport and maintain high-definition vision in all conditions.

Carefully selected lens tints can either emphasize the relief of your environment or highlight a key element. For instance, a green-tinted lens for playing tennis on clay courts will help you see the ball better.

Elevate your sports performance with customized eyewear, opting for cutting-edge lenses available in single or progressive prescriptions, solid or gradient tints, variable or polarized. Unleash your full potential on the field!



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