Mineral lens

Mineral glass, also known as "glass lenses," has been a staple in optics for centuries. It adorned the first eyeglass frames as early as the 13th century. Crafted from natural elements such as sand and silica, it is infinitely recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Renowned for their scratch resistance, UV protection, blue light filtering, and absence of optical distortion, mineral glass lenses are, however, less prevalent than synthetic lenses, known as "organic," in the ophthalmic lens market.

Today, to meet the needs of all wearers, regardless of their prescription, Swiss lens manufacturer OPTISWISS is setting new standards by exclusively launching the first high-definition progressive mineral lenses, produced using cutting-edge software powered by Swiss HD technology.

Unlike organic lenses that are ground, mineral lenses are treated with the highest-quality diamond sphere, offering unparalleled precision in manufacturing.

By choosing mineral lenses, your optician enables you to enjoy an exceptional visual experience while also respecting the environment:

  • Optimized vision tailored to your individual parameters,
  • Outstanding contrast perception combined with maximum resolution,
  • Remarkable durability due to its high surface hardness,
  • Ultra-thin lenses suitable for strong prescriptions,
  • An eco-friendly and recyclable manufacturing process.

Mineral lenses are also available in various tints and can benefit from anti-reflective coatings that eliminate residual glare for an uncompromised visual experience.

Visit your Opticien Platinum shop to discover the new high-end mineral lenses and experience high-definition vision.




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