Sunglasses: beware, danger!

Wearing poor quality sunglasses with tinted lenses not designed to filter UV rays can have a dramatic and irreversible effect on your vision and is much more dangerous than wearing nothing.

In bright light, the pupil decreases in size to avoid glare, protect the retina and improve sharpness. Tinted, non-filtering lenses reduce brightness and therefore cause the pupil to dilate, thus allowing more ultraviolet rays to pass through, which can lead to accelerated aging of the eyes and promote the appearance of cataracts or early AMD.

The best way to protect yourself from UV rays is to wear suitable sunglasses. But be careful, ultraviolet rays are filtered by the material or the treatment of the lens and not by its tint, which only filters the intensity of the light.

Available in single vision or progressive, polarized, mirrored or Transitions lenses, your Opticien Platinum will be able to advise you on the color and the best protection index, to adapt perfectly to your vision and your lifestyle.

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